The Wingman Releases February 19th!

In The Wingman, a lightning fast-paced sequel to The People’s House, veteran Midwestern beat reporter Jack Sharpe has made it big, thanks to the deep-rooted voter fraud conspiracy he uncovered in The People’s House.

At Jack’s new perch at Republic, one of America’s flashiest and fastest growing conservative news net- works, life is good—until it’s not. Soon claustrophobia and restlessness find Jack catching a whiff of something rotten in the Democratic Presidential primaries. Once again Sharpe follows his gut, risking his life and that of his team as they discover an elaborate scheme to put a corrupt and dangerous politician in the nation’s highest office by any means necessary, even murder.

The Wingman is a riveting and gimlet-eyed take on an alarmingly plausible scenario. Dark money, military drones and drone technology, paramilitary government contractors, neglected veterans—we see these issues in the news every day. But author David Pepper shows that if shadowy entities with enough incentive and resources were to connect and exploit these issues, the American people would be largely powerless to stop them…

Early Praise for The Wingman

“A labyrinthine political thriller that details a plot to steal the American presidency. …Energetically paced…A cinematic and dramatic story full of delightful twists.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Another tour de force…Like The People’s House, I loved this book.  Pepper is a phenomenal writer, with great dialogue, intricate plot, subplots, and characters.  And with his unique perch, Pepper deftly wraps the real issues and frustrations of modern-day politics into captivating story lines.  I can hardly wait for the next one.” Jennifer Granholm, former Governor, Michigan

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“Pepper does it again! Believable and entertaining—just like the real news these days. What’s fake and what’s real?” Jack Markell, former Governor, Delaware

“The Wingman by David Pepper takes readers on a rollicking ride…There are the kinds of surprises readers long for and characters they will remember long after the last page is turned.

Well-researched and beautifully crafted, The Wingman is a thrilling read, a story that brilliantly depicts the political atmosphere leading up to the primaries….The characters are superbly conceived and developed to appear like people in real life….David Pepper is a master storyteller.…”

The Wingman by David Pepper is an exceptional political thriller…The book is well-written, interesting and, above all, suspenseful, and is therefore recommended to any reader, not just fans of political thrillers.”   —Readers’ Favorites, Reviews

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My first novel, and the first of the Jack Sharpe Political Thriller Series, is The People’s House.

While the plot and characters are fictional, the story shines a light on serious weaknesses in our political infrastructure that are all too real today. Together, these weaknesses are undermining  central tenets of the democratic process.

When given a chance, David Pepperas they were in 2014 in Ohio, voters have shown they are eager to address these problems.  So in addition to entertaining, my hope is that The People’s House will raise additional awareness about the need for reform.

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– David

 The People’s House

Can someone steal the majority of the House of Representatives with no one noticing? That’s the electoral coup that turns America upside down in The People’s House…

…Until one man notices.

Political reporter Jack Sharpe is logging time at the tail end of a disappointing career — jaded about politics and stung by personal hard knocks. But after an odd election result in the Ohio Congressional district he covers, Sharpe stumbles across irregularities that spur him to dig deeper. The story takes him far beyond his corner of Ohio as he discovers an international plot—one that strikes at the heart of American democracy by taking advantage of weaknesses in today’s political architecture. His reporting leads to a showdown with the philandering Congressman and Presidential contender who knew about the plan but told nobody, and the eccentric but deadly Russian energy baron who masterminded it all. In order to save himself and the country, Sharpe must rekindle his old fire to navigate a treacherous journey through danger, betrayal, and atonement.


Praise for The People’s House

“[L]ively, thought-provoking…Pepper writes with flair and insider knowledge of everything from gerrymandering to arrogant D.C. press aides. With speed and savvy, “The People’s House” emerges as a sleeper candidate for political thriller of the year.” —Wall Street Journal

“A heart-pounding must-read.  I almost missed a flight connection because I just could not put it down…an irresistible page turner that combines mystery and thrill, politics and power.  When you get your copy, clear your schedule: You won’t be able to do anything else!” —Jennifer Granholm, former Governor, Michigan

“A great political mystery written with a clairvoyant understanding of how money, power, political corruption, technology and sex can have a corrosive effect on our democracy.  Although written prior to the 2016 Presidential election, recent historical events, especially Russia’s interference in that election, give this book an almost prescient mystique.  Read it – you won’t be disappointed.”  Ted Strickland, former Governor, Ohio

“A wonderful intriguing story…and then you realize he wrote this before all the Russian news broke. How did he know? Scary!” Jerry Springer

“a smart, gritty, and astute story that will appeal to political junkies….An engaging tale that looks at the grimy underbelly of American political power.” Kirkus Reviews

“‘House of Cards’ meets John Le Carré. [A] true-to-our-times political thriller. Could America’s elections be stolen and its political system manipulated without anyone noticing? The answer that Pepper offers here is that it’s easier than you think…[A] story that’s both impossible to put down and important.  —Matthew Kaminski, Executive Editor, POLITICO

“Much like author John Grisham did for law firms, Pepper pulls back the curtain on how local political races really work. The result: A can’t-put-it-down novel that’s part thriller and part reason to pay attention to the election process — no matter where you live.” Cincinnati Enquirer

“I love this book! Only a political insider could have written this. And only a great novelist could spin out such a page turner.” —Jack Markell, former Governor, Delaware

“I loved The People’s House. Loved. It. How’s that for a review?…This book is a revelation of state and national politics and will have readers on the edge of their seats throughout.”  —Chris Fischer, Readers’ Favorite

“a lively and entertaining thriller which manages to engage disturbing political issues without losing its vigorous energy or falling prey to unthinking partisanship….a carefully-crafted thriller, a cat and mouse game between a determined, gutsy hero and a clever, manipulative villain.” —IndieReader

“grabs you from the first page and keeps you guessing until the very end. A sleepy election in rural Ohio quickly explodes into a national scandal with global consequences. It provides a window into the real world of politics and leaves you wondering: could this really happen?”—Andrea Canning, Correspondent, Dateline NBC

“this fast-paced, delicious political murder mystery…horrifies, edifies, and above all, entertains….the perfect complement to this November’s impending circus.” Daphne Uviller, author of Super in the City and Wife of the Day