Cover of The People's House by David Pepper


Having been active in Ohio politics for some time, as well as having been a long-time fan of a good political thriller, I’ve combined the two passions to write my first novel.  It’s called The People’s House, and I hope you enjoy it.

While the plot and characters are fictional, the story shines a light on serious weaknesses in our political infrastructure that are all too real today. Together, these weaknesses are undermining  central tenets of the democratic process.

When given a chance, David Pepperas they were in 2014 in Ohio, voters have shown they are eager to address these problems.  So in addition to entertaining, my hope is that The People’s House will raise additional awareness about the need for reform.

Enjoy the book, and I look forward to your feedback.

— David



The People’s House


Can someone steal the majority of the House of Representatives with no one noticing? That’s the electoral coup that turns America upside down in The People’s House…

…Until one man notices.

Political reporter Jack Sharpe is logging time at the tail end of a disappointing career — jaded about politics and stung by personal hard knocks. But after an odd election result in the Ohio Congressional district he covers, Sharpe stumbles across irregularities that spur him to dig deeper. The story takes him far beyond his corner of Ohio as he discovers an international plot—one that strikes at the heart of American democracy by taking advantage of weaknesses in today’s political architecture. His reporting leads to a showdown with the philandering Congressman and Presidential contender who knew about the plan but told nobody, and the eccentric but deadly Russian energy baron who masterminded it all. In order to save himself and the country, Sharpe must rekindle his old fire to navigate a treacherous journey through danger, betrayal, and atonement.



What They’re Saying


“Much like author John Grisham did for  law firms, Pepper pulls back the curtain on how local political races really work. The result: A can’t-put-it-down novel that’s part thriller and part reason to pay attention to the election process — no matter where you live.”

Sharon Coolidge
Cincinnati Enquirer

“In his debut novel, consummate insider Dave Pepper brings us a wonky delight in the style of Joe Klein’s Primary Colors. From the opening scene – a burned out writer delivering a stinging play-by-play of the demise of a candidacy on election night – to behind the scenes of big-energy-political collusion, this fast-paced, delicious political murder mystery by the chair of the Ohio Democratic Party horrifies, edifies, and, above all, entertains. The People’s House is the perfect complement to this November’s impending circus.”

Daphne Uviller
Author of Super in the City and Wife of the Day

In The People’s House, David Pepper captures perfectly the political nuances of that great swing state, Ohio, while taking the reader through a sordid tale of murder, intrigue, and the ultimate quest for power.  A real page turner, Pepper’s novel demonstrates the dangers of a democracy gone bad; and he does it in ways that are all too conceivable.  The People’s House is a great read, offering both the allure of a political thriller and a strong commentary on the failings of the modern American democratic process.”

Zachary Space
Former U.S. Representative, Ohio’s 18th Congressional District

“The People’s House is a taut political thriller with twists, turns and surprise developments that keep the reader moving from page to page. David Pepper’s first novel, set against the combustible issue of fracking and in the John Grisham style, features a grizzled investigative reporter, a desperately ambitious Congressman, a mysterious billionaire intent on acquiring more wealth and power, and an array of other fascinating characters. But Pepper goes deeper still, exposing the corrosive effects of election rigging and far too realistically demonstrates how vulnerable the American Democracy is to internal and external threats. A must read.”
Dennis Willard

Former reporter and Statehouse bureau chief, Akron Beacon Journal

The People’s House grabs you from the first page and keeps you guessing until the very end.  A sleepy election in rural Ohio quickly explodes into a national scandal with global consequences.  It provides a window into the real world of politics and leaves you wondering: could this really happen?”

Andrea Canning
Correspondent, Dateline NBC

“I loved The People’s House. Loved. It. How’s that for a review? Well, it’s how I truly felt about this fantastic read by David Pepper. This book is a revelation of state and national politics and will have readers on the edge of their seats throughout.”

Chris Fischer
Readers’ Favorite

“The author depicts his characters with believability and insight….David Pepper is an excellent writer and storyteller. He has created a dramatic and convincing novel that shows how the tenacity and courage of individuals can triumph over the vile, unscrupulous manipulation of corrupt leaders.”

Hilary Hawkes
Readers’ Favorite

“David Pepper delivered an unrivaled read that, terrifyingly, reads like non-fiction.”

Faridah Nassozi
Readers’ Favorite

“Fiction is noble when it reminds us to examine reality. In The People’s House, political reporter Jack Sharpe is the hero who reveals tampering with the black box voting machines upon which American democracy depends.”

Lisa M. Schlegal
Readers’ Favorite

“Whoa! That’s exactly what I thought when I finished the fantastic new novel by author David Pepper, The People’s House. Just, whoa! This book is an absolute roller coaster of a read, filled with political intrigue, drama, thrills and adventure that will keep readers obsessively turning its pages from the very start all the way through until the very end.”

Readers’ Favorite