COLUMBUS – Today, the Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio endorsed David Pepper for Ohio Attorney General. Pepper, a former Hamilton County Commissioner and Cincinnati City Councilman, has a long record of working with local law enforcement to improve public safety and crack down on violent crime in the communities he has served.

Jay McDonald, President of the Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio made the following statement:

“David Pepper is tough, smart, and independent.  He has vast experience partnering with law enforcement to fight crime. We know Pepper is the best choice to keep Ohioans safe as our next attorney general.”

Pepper was first elected to Cincinnati City Council in 2001 amid a crime wave and shortly after rioting and a major breakdown in police-community relations. Pepper worked hand-in-hand with police as the chair of the Law and Public Safety Committee. Pepper added police to the streets, passed new laws to crack down on crime, and helped lead negotiations for the historic Collaborative Agreement, which healed police-community relations, enhanced training, and improved police morale.

As a Hamilton County Commissioner, Pepper fought equally hard to improve safety – including working across party lines to create Project Disarm. The program put away some of the county’s most violent offenders for violations of federal gun laws.

Pepper was also a vocal advocate against Senate Bill 5, and he has spoken out against Local Government Fund cuts that dramatically undermined public safety across Ohio.

Pepper thanked the members of the Fraternal Order of Police for their endorsement:

“Ohio can’t expect to solve issues like the heroin crisis unless law enforcement has a true partner in the Attorney General’s Office. I’m proud to receive this endorsement, and I look forward to working with police officers and sheriff’s deputies to keep Ohio families and their communities safe.”

Pepper has released plans to combat heroin, tackle violence against women, and to rebuild partnerships between the Attorney General and law enforcement agencies around the state. Pepper’s plan calls for new partnerships between state and local crime labs, improving shared analysis of crime data, and expanding access to training that is relevant to the issues officers are facing. Pepper will also fight to protect law enforcement funding and collective bargaining rights.


Read Pepper’s full plan: