CLEVELAND – Yesterday, David Pepper, Democratic Nominee for Ohio Attorney General, signed a pledge to run a clean AG’s office. The pledge contains six specific steps that would be taken to ensure that merit drives the Attorney General’s decision-making, not massive campaign contributions.

Pepper made the following statement challenging Mike DeWine to join him in signing the pledge:

“The Attorney General is the first line of defense against corruption, but he must demonstrate the highest level of public integrity to be able to do the job. The steps in this pledge are common sense, and they will create much-needed transparency and accountability in the AG’s office. I hope Mr. DeWine will join me in signing it.”

Over the past year, newspaper investigations have revealed a disturbing pattern of pay-to-play and bid-rigging in how DeWine’s office awards special counsel contracts. DeWine and the Ohio GOP have raised more than $2.5 million from lawyers, firms, and vendors seeking business with DeWine’s office.

Many of the donations came during or around open bid windows, and there is an almost perfect correlation between who donates and who is selected to do the work.  Experts across the country have criticized DeWine’s pay-to-play operations with one editorial calling DeWine’s fundraising “troubling” and demanding a “truly transparent and accountable system for making and tracking these selections.”


Click here to read the Clean AG’s Office Pledge