Top 10: With Friends Like These

Friends –

You win some, you lose some.

And from the Fraternal Order of Police, to the Toledo Blade, to the Athens News, to Columbus Outlook, to Ohio’s teachers, we are proud to have received numerous endorsements in this race, which we will continue to share with you.

But we’re also pleased by the endorsements we didn’t receive, and frankly, didn’t expect to receive. Why, you might ask?

Because even DeWine’s supporters are echoing the very things we’ve been saying all campaign…sometimes in very harsh terms. In fact, DeWine’s own supporters have made the case to replace him with new leadership as strongly as we have!

So we thought you’d enjoy our current Top 10 quotes from those who SUPPORT Mike DeWine:

Top 10 Quotes from DeWine Supporters

10. “It took too long…for DeWine’s office to acknowledge in 2013 that it had launched facial recognition software to search Ohio driver’s license photos without notifying Ohioans, and was allowing too many public employees access to the technology.” – Findlay Courier

9. Dewine’s refusal to debate is “an insult to voters” – Cleveland Plain Dealer

8. “DeWine is a work in progress” with “flaws” and “blind spots” – Cleveland Plain Dealer

7. There’s been “too much political gamesmanship from [DeWine] in the past four years.” – Newark Advocate

6. “He’s interjected himself in far too many cases outside of the state and faced intense scrutiny on the awarding of contracts from his office.” – Newark Advocate

5. DeWine’s recent actions were “contrary to the public records law and also aggravated an already volatile situation” – Newark Advocate

4. DeWine’s procurement process “certainly creates the perception of pay-to-play despite DeWine’s angry protestations that he follows the law” – Cleveland Plain Dealer

3. On “DeWine’s proclivity to file amicus briefs in cases that have no direct bearing on Ohio.” …“DeWine argues that he files these amicus briefs in cases that he believes could impact Ohio, but that is a specious argument…They simply mirror his religious beliefs. The office of the AG — as Pepper argues — needs to operate above the political fray. This type of battleground litigation hurts the credibility of an office that needs to act on facts, not faith.” – Cleveland Plain Dealer

2. DeWine “made a mockery of Ohio Sunshine Laws” – Cleveland Plain Dealer

1. “DeWine’s three-year wait to have the first meeting of a heroin task force, which took place last week. Pepper rightly chides him for waiting until the election cycle to convene a task force for a problem that emerged before he took office.” – Newark Advocate

So together, DeWine’s supporters have said: that he violated Ohio law, that he only responded to the state’s top public safety crisis in an election year, that he insulted Ohio’s voters, that he inappropriately entered partisan cases around the country for personal reasons, and that he appears to be running a pay-to-play operation.

To see how we can do better on all these and other issues, see our plans and proposals at