A Note from Judge Nathaniel R. Jones

Dear Friends,

Mike DeWine has unleashed a scurrilous attack on David.  The commercial, among other things, calls David inexperienced, untrustworthy, and wrong for Ohio.  The ad is entitled “Unqualified.”  Its absurdity is apparent.

Unqualified?  David Pepper is one of the most qualified people to ever run for Attorney General in the history of our state.  I had the honor of having him serve as my law clerk back when I was on the Federal Court of Appeals. I saw his legal mind operate close up.  He and I later became colleagues at one of our nation’s most respected law firms, and have taught election law together at the University of Cincinnati’s law school.  In addition, he has been an outstanding public servant.

We are lucky to have someone of his intellect, experience, and integrity willing to serve our state.  David will bring a wave of fresh thinking and integrity to the office of Attorney General.

Mike DeWine, who is in the midst of a real pay-to-play scandal, has a lot of nerve calling David untrustworthy. But what I find most appalling is his calling David “wrong for Ohio.”  David and the policies he is advocating are what will be right for Ohio.

The real problem with Mike DeWine is that he has spent his time being not only wrong for Ohio, but wrong for the country.  Rather than fighting for the people of Ohio, he has been fighting against the people in Ohio, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Michigan, and Arizona.

In every one of those states he has been getting lots of experience by taking part, and often times taking the lead, in fighting against voting rights, a woman’s right to access to birth control and the right to choose, and fighting against the rights of all to marry who they see fit.  DeWine took the lead role amongst the State Attorneys General in supporting Hobby Lobby in the Supreme Court!

To borrow a phrase from DeWine’s ad, that’s “wrong for Ohio,” and also wrong for the entire country.

Please stand with me, and stand with David.


Nathaniel R. Jones
Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit (Ret.)