COLUMBUS – Today, Steven Linnabary, the Libertarian candidate for Ohio Attorney General, announced that he was endorsing David Pepper. Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted removed Linnabary and the Libertarian candidate for governor from the ballot earlier this year. The Libertarian Party has challenged Husted’s actions in federal court.

Linnabary made the following statement endorsing Pepper:

“Libertarians in Ohio have been targeted repeatedly by the powerful GOP machine. We’ve learned that they can’t be trusted to fairly and evenhandedly administer the law. I believe David Pepper is a man of integrity and common sense. His term in the Attorney General’s office will give all Ohio Libertarians hope that he will put rampant partisanship behind us and serve the interests of all Ohioans.”

Libertarian candidates have been repeatedly and unfairly targeted by Republican officeholders. In 2013, the GOP-controlled General Assembly changed signature requirements for Libertarians, an unconstitutional law that was later overturned by federal courts. In 2014, Secretary Husted targeted Libertarian candidates for removal from the ballot. Brad Smith, the hearing officer assigned to the case by Husted, was simultaneously serving as an attorney for Mike DeWine, a fact he failed to disclose.