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POLITICO: “The Thriller that Predicted the Russia Scandal….But Wait Until You Read the Sequel.”

THE WINGMAN to be released Feb. 19

Two years ago, Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper wrote his first novel, The Peoples House, which the Wall Street Journal crowned the “sleeper for political thriller of the year.”

Only later did it become evident that its central plot—a Russian oligarch’s effort to rig an American election—had anticipated real world events.

Now Pepper’s sequel, The Wingman (to be released Monday, February 19, 2018) is already getting attention for its prescience. It tells the story of how dark forces can use cloaked money, under-the-radar grassroots organizations and compromised candidates to alter election results.

In an article in today’s Politico Magazine, former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm called Pepper “a political Nostradamus.”

Politico wrote of The Peoples House: a quick, lively thriller full of labyrinthine scandal and homey Rust Belt touchesthat reads like a users guide to the last two years in U.S. politics. And of the soon-to-be-released The Wingman: If the first parallels were eerie, these ones were, Pepper admits, maybe even spooky.

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by David Pepper
St. Helena Press • On sale: February 19, 2018• Price: $15.99 hardcover • 282 pages
ISBN 978-1619848719

Great article in Politico February 17, 2018

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