Thank You

Dear Friends –

I wanted to say a final word of thanks.

When we entered this race, we knew we were taking on the best known name in Ohio politics, and we knew he would be well-funded. But I felt compelled to jump in because of the many important issues at stake.

It was a hard fought campaign, and while I’m disappointed by the outcome, I’m proud of the race we ran. I’m proud that we’ve been able to lead a substantive statewide conversation on topics like how to best keep Ohioans safe, beat back Ohio’s growing heroin epidemic, take on violence against women, and clean up government so it works for all Ohioans, just to name a few.

And people noticed. Newspapers and pundits across Ohio widely acknowledged that we ran one of the most aggressive campaigns of the 2014 cycle.


Together, we built this campaign with the help of over 5,500 individual donors and set fundraising records for a challenger to a sitting attorney general.

We also set a record of a different kind when the Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio endorsed us. This was the first time in memory that the Ohio FOP endorsed the challenger to a sitting attorney general, and it was incredibly meaningful to have the support of law enforcement across Ohio for our campaign.

And despite the tough odds and climate, and millions spent attacking us, we garnered the second most votes on the Democratic ticket.

Campaigns are about far more than any one candidate, so I want to say thank you to you, our supporters and hard-working volunteers who helped us along the way. We built an incredible network of friends across the state and country who fueled this campaign from start to finish.

As we move into November and the Holiday Season approaches, I’ll be enjoying some much needed time with Alana and Jack.

Thank you for your support, and please know that despite yesterday’s outcome, I’ll never stop fighting to build a better Ohio for all of us.

I wish you and your families the very best.  Stay in touch!

Thanks again,